Yes, this pro-Israel video came out in April. Yes, it’s already racked up millions of views. Why are we only putting it up now? Because it’s in Spanish and thus did not come across our radar until recently. En tus tierras bailaré stars Peruvians La Tigresa del Oriente, a cross between Charro and Cat Woman and La Pequeña Wendy, a 14 year old singing sensation who rose to prominence at age 8 when she sang an ode to breast milk and her Mom’s breasts. Also featured is Delfín Hasta El Fín, a stoic singer from Ecuador. None of these singers are conventional stars in their respective countries of origin, but they do have a popular following thanks to the interwebs. Read more in Tablet about how this video was created by a cosmopolitan trio of Argentine media professionals, one who was only quarter Jewish and two who had never even been to Israel and none of whom had ever met the singers. This is all so weird yet so oddly compelling:

The video has racked up millions of hits on YouTube and has spawned a whole series of imitators, and even a video featuring Iron Man.

No. I don’t get it at all. But I love it!

For a more intellectual take on this video, read the post titled “What is that Monkey Doing Behind the Rowboat?” and especially comments in the New York Times Review of Books. They got the producers of the video wrong (not the Israeli Tourism Board) but everything else is at least interesting.

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  • A few Argentineans were planning to post this video at the end of the ROI conference, but then decided it was better if the non-Latin American World would never get to see this.

  • Gabriel, Gabriel, que bonito es Gabriel!
    Gabriel, Gabriel, que bonito es Gabriel!

    Good seeing you at ROI GW…

  • ck, it was GREAT seeing you too! next time, I’ll overstay and maybe crash your house or at least the shuk…

    Anyway, the guys behind this crazy video are taking it the whole nine yards: next weekend there will be TWO concerts of these three “artists” in Buenos Aires, and they are planning a Latin American tour. It’s called the “Youfest” and you should check its website: http://www.you-fest.com/FBC/main.php . They even invite you to submit a video of your own delfin-like “pasito”.

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