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Former United States president Bill Clinton came under fire from Russian-born Israeli politicians on Wednesday, a day after he told the media that the Russian immigrant population in Israel is an obstacle to peace with Palestinians.

Foreign Policy magazine quoted Clinton as saying that Russian immigrants are the Israelis least interested in a peace deal with Palestinians. “They’ve just got there, it’s their country, they’ve made a commitment to the future there,” Clinton said. “They can’t imagine any historical or other claims that would justify dividing it.”

I’m sad that Clinton doesn’t understand and simplifies the mentality of Russian olim,who actually live in Israel during periods of war and high stress instead of getting off to Global Climate Summits and whatever other bullshit he has going on now that he’s out of office, much of which is succinctly summed up in a talkback (I can’t believe I’m quoting an Israeli newspaper talkback):

The Israelis of Russian origin will never forget the “martyrdom” performed at the Dolfinarium discotheque. From that very moment, when several dozens of innocent teenagers perished and got maimed just for the reason of deciding to go out and dance, you could be assured that true nature of “Palestinians” had been learnt and necessary conclusions for the future made.

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  • Clinton is basically pulling a Helen Thomas. While he is not saying go back to Poland, it’s basically the same racist anti-semitic rhetoric. The pig is probably going in the footsteps of Carter and wants some [more?] Arab funding for his personal. Since it is still Succot holiday in the states, this won’t get too much buzz until after Shabbat there.

    • That’s way too harsh, Josh.

      I think Clinton’s assessment is wrong, but there’s no doubt the Russian olim in Israel and many Russian Jews outside of it lean far to the right.

  • Josh, I wouldn’t say he’s anti-Semitic, but what he’s saying is highly ignorant. Why not blame some of the more right-wing forces in the Palestinian movement as well equally?

  • First, Vicki, great post. I’m happy to agree with you.

    Second, TM, what the f*** does their “right leaning” have to do with it? Are you implying that right leaning Israelis are an obstacle to peace as if brilliant left wing policies have gotten us to the doorstep?

    Third, I think you Democrat Jews have picked great bedfellows.

    • I’m certainly not implying anything of the sort. Clinton made the comment, and I disagreed with him. Russian Jews, however, tend to lean to the right.

  • What with dangerous, extremist Russians and Tea Partiers, what happened to our hopes of just two years ago?

  • You guys are defenind Clinton making racist and undemocratic comments? Are Russians allowed to have an opinion? Does Bill have a prerogative to tell them they are wrong?