What friggin virus? I don't see no virus!

According to US and European Internet security experts, the Stuxnet virus is still messing with Iranian nuclear ambitions. This despite President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s claim, after months of denials, that the worm had penetrated Iran’s nuclear sites, but that it had been detected and controlled. One European expert claimed that the Iranians do not have the depth of knowledge to handle the worm or understand its complexity:

Here is their problem. They should throw out every personal computer involved with the nuclear program and start over, but they can’t do that. Moreover, they are completely dependent on outside companies for the construction and maintenance of their nuclear facilities. They should throw out their computers as well. But they can’t …They will just continually re-infect themselves.

Sounds like a bad yeast infection right? But in this case, it helps prevent or slow down the uranium enrichment process which can lead to the development of a nuclear bomb or even a low yield dirty nuke. That’s one virus I don’t mind floating around!

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  • Wow Wendy. Be careful linking to “Faux News” in these parts. You may be ostracized. 🙂 Nice post.