Question: The Magic Wand is

a) An Israel Air Force system, designed to thwart mid and long-rage missile attacks against densely populated areas in Israel

b) An electric vibrating muscle massager, manufactured by Hitachi, famous for its use as a sex toy and masturbation aid, especially for women

c) That stick thing that Harry Potter and his friends use for spell casting

d) All of the above


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  • Oh. You didn’t! No. Actually you did. Someone needs to have a chat with the Israel Ministry of Nomenclature. Or maybe a few more women in leadership positions. I know that if Tzipi Livni was Prime Minister, none of this would ever happen. In other news, Israel has developed a highly miniaturized RPG that is small enough to be hidden in one’s clothing but has the same range and impact as a full sized RPG. They’re going to call it the Pocket Rocket.

  • I also heard about this new ammunition being developed by the IDF that allows the shooter to remotely control the round after it is fired. They’re calling it the Silver Bullet.

  • The Israeli Magic wand is designed to make sure that the missiles don’t come, very much unlike the Hitachi version…