…is a fucking fashion sensation in Gaza

That’s right. Available in four colors, including the classic black worn by Shalit, the shirts are flying off the shelf in Gaza. Selling at 50 shekels each (about $16.50) the shirt is a veritable sensation, with sales fueled by no less than 4 Facebook groups/pages, and I have only one question. Why?

I went to some of these Facebook groups and with the help of Google translate, it seems this is somehow meant to be a fashion statement whose aim is to make fun of Gilad Shalit and express the hope of many more Gilad Shalits to come, who will help empty Israeli jails of the rest of the Palestinian murderers and terrorists uh… freedom fighters still left there.

Gaza's Latest Fashion Sensation

Thing is, see, that shirt is the fucking ugliest thing I have ever seen on a man since that night when I walked into the bathroom at Max Fish and saw Courtney Love grinding on the Muffti. But I promised I’d never mention that again so… yeah. Back to that thing, those shirts didn’t just suddenly appear in Gaza City. Someone bought a shit load of them before they ever knew Shalit would be forced to wear it upon his release. Someone thought that this shirt would sell on its own. What this shirt, and it’s current popularity actually suggests is that … what? People in Gaza have no fashion sense? Hamas is a particularly cruel entity? I don’t know. What I do know is that for some odd reason… I want one of those shirts. My neck size is 17 if anyone’s going to be in Gaza, I’ll pay you 75 shekels for the shirt, keep the change.

H/T: YNet News

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  • You know, the more I think about this, the more amazed I am. No, not at the story about Muffti, but rather at the supply chain factor. I mean, there are two possibilities here: 1. Somebody knew Shalit was going to get this shirt and planned/gambled in advance to have the inventory on hand to supply the stores that provide goods to fashion-conscious Gazans; 2. Gazan retailers are as efficient at updating their stocks of inventory as Walmart and Target. Chew on that.

  • Shalit’s shirt would make for a great Halloween costume. Either that or a black turtleneck for the Zombie Steve Jobs look…

  • Oooh. Sounds like a great idea froylein!. Find German IT-nerds wearing Shalit-like shirts. Ask them questions regarding the prisoner swap. Take funny photos. Post on Jewlicious!

  • Another great reason to love the journalism of David Abitbol. made me smile.

  • Why not stop whining arrogantly (with racist undertones) about how terrible Palestinians are and do some real journalism. Like where was that shirt made and who makes it? That would be interesting to read.

    • Racist undertones? Really?

      I guess you not only purchased one of these shirts, but actually like it.

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