The stakes have gone up. For your significant other’s next birthday, if you think a card, some flowers and dinner is going to cut it, forget about it. Here is what Meny Hilsenrad, a 30-year-old post production and 3-D specialist at Israeli VFX and animation company Studio Aiko did – a video card:

Here’s his description:

This project was created as a birthday surprise to my beloved wife Moran,” he writes. “It is entirely CG work except for the hands which were shot. … The overall time it took to produce this piece was 9 months. The pre-production took 6 months and included gathering the entire photos I had which were quite a lot (approximately 25,000 photos). Then to choose and filter only the most suitable 372 photos according to the offline editing I did. The production itself took 3 months and included the creation of the 3-D scene, animation, compositing and final edit.

That’s right. Nine months. That background? All 3D Computer generated. After this, and Canadian Sean Ohlenkamp little bit of Anniversary geekery, we’re all screwed. It’s three months to Valentine’s Day. Now you have to be thoughtful, creative, talented and if the finished product doesn’t go viral, your special lady friend might very well be disappointed. Thanks Meny, thanks a fucking lot. Happy birthday Moran.

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  • My husband was just let off the hook from making this card for me. The quick movement of images bothered my eyes so much, it made me sick to my stomach. I think I need reading glasses. So, basically tell your loved one you need reading glasses and couldn’t do the video montage. You will though, say you love him/her and call it a day.

  • That was so adorable. But I will still want the flowers and the dinner. One doesn’t cancel the other out.

  • I have to forward this to my boyfriend! Listen up stupid men. Don’t go rushing to copy this. The point wasn’t that he made his wife a video instead of a card. The point was that he put thought, creativity and care into a unique commemoration of a special day. We don’t need anything that will go viral, we don’t need a testament to the world that you love us. We just want to know that you care about us enough to do something special for us. It’s the LEAST you can do since we allow you to play with our boobies.