Australian artist Gotye scored a massive International hit with his song “Somebody That I used to Know,” which charted in the Top 20 in over 10 countries and reaching #1 in six. The song, which you are about to see, has received nearly 185 million views on YouTube:

The song’s popularity has spawned countless parodies and covers, most notably this one from a Canadian band called Walk off the Earth which itself has garnered over 98 million views (!!). It’s a very good cover, as covers go, and is notable because it features 5 people simultaneously playing one guitar:

And now from Israel we have Roi Lavi and the Good Guys adding a Middle Eastern twist: They sing in Hebrew and the video features 5 guys playing one bouzouki. Epic:

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  • Cute – but they lost the female voice and uhhh, what’s with the new lyrics? So Israeli.