And not just any Mossad Director’s watch but the one worn by none other than Isser Harel who was the director of both the Shin Bet and the Mossad. Harel helped cement Israel’s reputation as an international intelligence powerhouse, often scooping the larger intelligence agencies of other countries and pulling off spectacular feats. Harel most notably was in charge of the Mossad when Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann was found in Argentina, abducted to Israel, tried and executed. Harel was a pivotal and important figure at the most formative part of Israel’s history and he was a total bad ass. His watch was pretty bad ass too:

The outstanding watch is a fine and historically important Rolex Ref. 5512 Submariner meter first with pointed crown guards and an especially engraved back that has the motto of the Mossad in Hebrew around the Israeli State emblem and Isser Harel’s name in Hebrew.

The watch is coming up for auction on Sunday, May 13 in Geneva and is expected to fetch between $20,000-$30,000 – a small price to pay if only a tiny part of Harel’s essence rubs off on you. Want to make a bid? Then visit the Web site of Antiquorum Auctioneers for more info!

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