DJ Ashba (L) and Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal, aka Ronald Jay Blumenthal (R) at the Kotel

Nice Jewish Boy

As you know, Guns ‘n Roses performed last night in what has been described as Israel’s best show of 2012. Certainly, one of the highlights was Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal’s guitar solo rendition of Hatikva that preceded “Don’t Cry.” Well, here we are less than 24 hours after the video I shot went up on YouTube and it has already garnered over 18,000 views. Furthermore it was featured on Arutz Shtayim – Channel 2 News, as well as on their web site, Size Doesn’t Matter, the Times of Israel and The Algemeiner for now. The last two made no mention of Jewlicious. Fuckers! But I forgive them, it’s all good!

Anyhow, today despite Tel Aviv beach club partying last night, most of the band members headed off to Jerusalem for a tour of the old city. I caught up with them, showed them some cool stuff (did you know someone “tagged” the Kotel? That’s right. In the days before spray paint, someone carved their name into the Wall – Look for it!) and chatted a little with Israel’s newest hero Ron at the Kotel. He seemed truly astounded at the attention his little Hatikva solo has garnered as he sat there clutching the cardboard kippa to his head. He was in Israel for the first time last year with his other band, Salem. However he said that he hopes to return next year with his wife and see more of the country. He mentioned going up north and floating in the Dead Sea. Both excellent choices! I then let him join his band-mates, all of whom had written notes to place in the Kotel. It was a touching moment indeed.

We hope to see you again real soon Ron!

Here’s another decent video from last night’s show. Enjoy.

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