There you are, sleeping peacefully in your bed. Perhaps you are dreaming about grazing sheep on a grassy knoll, or harvesting olives on a sunny day. Perhaps you are dreaming about returning to your family’s verdant orange groves and tithing to the restored throne of the King and Queen of Palestine. All the Zionist usurpers are gone! Or are they? Little do you know that you have a price on your head and the IDF AIDS Fairy unit is coming to collect! Stealthily, they make their way to your bed, and with one puff of HIV infected fairy dust, that’s it bucko. You’ve got AIDS!

Sounds far fetched? Well, not really, not if you are As’ad Ramlawi, director of Primary Heath Care in the Palestinian Authority. Yesterday, on World AIDS Day, during an event organized by the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Jenin:

He claimed that Palestinians who go to work in Israel are subjected to “political blackmail” by Israeli authorities – something that exposes them to AIDS… Ramlawi did not explain what he meant by “political blackmail” and how it is connected to AIDS.

But Ramlawi’s not stupid. I’m pretty sure that when he said “political blackmail” what he really meant was the until now top secret unit in the IDF made up of hot fairy babes who go around spreading AIDS to unsuspecting Palestinians. So far, these murderous fairies have infected 77 Palestinians according to Ramlawi.

An Israeli government official said “these sort of ridiculous charges unfortunately demonstrate the mind-set of all too many in the Palestinian leadership, that whenever there is a problem – no matter what – it is Israel’s fault.” … The official described this phenomenon as the “blame Israel first club.” … The “luxury” of belonging to that club, he said, was that “you never have to take any responsibility on yourself.”

Nice little bit of Hasbarah spin there Mr. Israeli Government official, if that’s even you’re real name! Thank God for brave, smart and not at all bat shit crazy Palestinian officials like Ramlawi who reveal to the world the true perfidy of the Zionist obb… err oppressors.

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