Really? Are they insane?

The Jewish Journal has published an opinion piece about a scary development worthy of Frankenstein:

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is taking public comments through April 26, on whether to approve the first genetically engineered (“GE” or “GMO”) animal species: Atlantic salmon with chinook salmon and ocean pout (eel, non-kosher) genes forced into its DNA.

Manufacturer AquaBounty plans to sell it without a GE label


Yes, they are insane. You can read the application for yourself and decide. The document, straight out of 1984, is called Finding of no significant impact for genetically engineered Atlantic salmon.

How do you know it’s insanity? Well, first of all, if nature had wanted salmon to have eel genes THEN IT WOULDN’T HAVE KILLED OFF ANY SPECIES THAT COMBINED THOSE GENES IN THE FIRST PLACE. Wait, such genes never had reason to come together in the first place to have nature kill them off? EXACTLY.

Second, we know this is insanity because the company which submitted this lovely request, AquAdvantage Salmon, wrote the stupid “study” which has now been researched by FDA scientists who think it’s safe. They have a vested interest in getting this thing approved. That doesn’t explain the FDA researchers’ blindness, but you would think they might be a little skeptical. Maybe salmon companies write better copy than drug companies?

Third, we know this is insanity because of two specifics included in this AquAdavantage document. The first is their assurance that none of these salmon will be anywhere near US land. Why? Because they plan to grow their frankenstein salmon in Canadian and Panamanian waters. Of course, we all know that Canada is so far away from the US that the salmon can’t cross the borders without a visa. So why worry? Second, AquAdvantage is promising that their frankenstein salmon are going to be raised in an inescapable container and therefore do not offer any risk of entering other salmon colonies. Hmmmm, what could go wrong? A ship accidentally bumping into their facility? A tsunami or massive storm? Good ol’ human miscalculation in the design? A tired employee who had a fight earlier with his girlfriend and is so distracted he opens a hatch by error? Who knows? All we know is that when somebody promises you that something won’t break or that it’s impermeable, they’re WRONG! If a space shuttle can disintegrate upon reentry after years of experience and dozens of flights, will a salmon holding facility guarantee permanent perfection? There is no way to guarantee nothing will happen. Oh, and the last part is that all the genetically modified salmon will be females rendered infertile. Okay, that’s a fair argument…until something goes wrong such as a mutated version of their mutated fish.

Please, dear reader, go to the commenting link and tell the FDA not to allow genetically modified salmon. Would you think it’s a good idea to put zebra legs on a lion or snake DNA into a mouse? This is no different. Except that it could end up on your plate. Bon appetit.


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  • You guys are such morons. The FDA wouldn’t allow for GM salmon to be sold if they had any inkling that such a thing could be dangerous. No one’s injecting any toxic chemicals into these transgenic salmon, so stop acting like transgenic salmon entering a natural salmon habitat would be catastrophic. Quit blindly opposing this issue and converting others to your cause just because “genetically modified” sounds evil to you.