So you went to Israel , rode a camel, floated in the the dead see, put a note in the Kotel and even fell in love with an Israeli soldier. All of this became distant memory when you came back to reality in America. But there is one product that will help you feel like you’re back in Israel all over again! Remember Ice Caffè – that creamy delicious coffee type drink that you get at Aroma or literally any other coffee shop in Israel?! Now it finally got to America under a brand new name- FROFFEE… the drink that will  make you feel as if you’re in the holy land all over again.

You close your eyes, take a sip, and forget that yes, you’re still in California. Want to understand the wonder and joy of FROFFEE or for those of you that insist IceCaffè ? Before you take a trip to one of their locations, take a trip with me right here, right now.

I present you, ladies and gentlemen, with the top 5 effects FROFFEE has on your mind, body, and soul.

1. Rich & Creamy 

Body: That’s right, you drink it and become wealthy and moisturized. Just kidding, mostly. You’ll feel like a million bucks – especially if you try one of the cocktails. Yes, you read that right. Get crunk and stay awake. My Irish homies and divas – can I get an Amen?!










2. Did we just land at Ben Gurion?

Mind: When you drink it, the taste brings you to a land thousands of miles away. Don’t be fooled – you actually aren’t in the holy land. Your mind is telling you yes, but your body is telling you no. R. Kelly can relate, sort of.









3. Connected to my people, and my people’s people

Soul: When I light Shabbat candles, I say a prayer that Jews for thousands of years have also been saying. It’s the same words that Jews around the globe say. The feeling is one of spirituality, peace, and connectivity. Dare I say we all feel a similar excitement when drinking something so obviously part of the Israeli culture? Don’t trust me – try it yourself.








4. A whole new level of deliciousness

Body: FROFFEE’s state of the art blending machines give you a tasteful adventure filled with sweet, full flavor. Caution: don’t be alarmed if this becomes part of your morning routine. That’s called habit, and this is one you won’t want to shake. Welcome to a whole new world, my friends.









5. Bringing people together via coffee

Soul: You know that thing where you’re like…hmm, we really don’t seem that different. Why do we have to hate each other? Well, good news – you don’t have to hate each other! Just share your thoughts of this delicious drink with one another, and you’ll discover how much you have in common.


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