“I am not going to sit here and be dictated to by those who are probably white, male, and non-Muslim about what I should be fighting.”

New York, February 6 – A leading Muslim women’s activist sought to allay concerns over her alleged lack of attention to murderous antisemitism in Nazi-occupied Poland this week by explaining that unlike other forms of prejudice, Polish collaboration with Nazis in the mass murder of Jews is not systemic.

Linda Sarsour, a prominent leader of the Women’s March and an advocate for the rights of Muslims, stoked controversy late last year with a comment that whereas Islamophobia and bias against people of color are entrenched in society, hate toward Jews is not embedded structurally in the culture, and therefore deserves less attention. She elaborated Sunday on her contention in the context of Poland’s recent legislation banning invocation of official Polish involvement in the murder of millions of Jews on Polish soil during the Holocaust, by noting that the hundreds of thousands of Jewish deaths at the hands of Poles during and after the Second World War should similarly not be treated as a deep-seated issue in Polish culture.

“There are more important forms of prejudice and hate to combat,” she stated in an interview. “Some places want to ban the hijab, threatening the freedom of religious expression for me and countless other Muslims, and a handful of agitators with a regressive agenda want to make people think collaboration with genocide is a serious issue. I’m sorry, but we have pressing matters of concern in this society, and I am not going to sit here and be dictated to by those who are probably white, male, and non-Muslim about what I should be fighting.”

“I don’t have a single antisemitic bone in my body,” she continued. “I understand that three million Polish Jews are dead, and that a large number of their Polish neighbors took eager part in the massacres and in turning Jews over to the Nazis, but that pales in comparison to the urgency of making Americans understand we have to stand up for the oppressed women in our inner cities, and under occupation in Palestine.”

As a gesture of good faith, suggested Sarsour, she could offer to raise money to maintain Jewish cemeteries and mass grave markers in Eastern Europe commemorating the killing sites used by the Germans and their local collaborators, especially those desecrated by local hooligans, and then claim ignorance when anyone challenges her to produce evidence the funds were in fact transferred to those who take care of the sites.

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  • Shame on her, she should help to commemorate organizations like The Torch and Group 13 that so bravely worked against poles, risking their lives, because if detected by those bad polish anti-semites they would be killed since that is what they did to people working on extermination of jews.

  • This is outrageous! How could public figure say something like this ! It shows how ignorant and uneducated she is. It really worries me about what is happening with today’s world !

  • Linda Sarsour is parroting media Anti-Polish propaganda regarding WW2.
    According to the Israeli War Crimes Council, no more than .1% of the Polish population collaborated with the Nazi Germans. And Poland was the ONLY Nazi German occupied nation where a citizen helping Jews…..got the German DEATH PENALTY…along with his family. The Germans decreed the DEATH PENALTY for saving Jews ONLY in German occupied Poland….because the Germans could NOT believe how Poles were saving Jews.

    Sadly, Linda Sarsour has been brainwashed by the Anti-Polish mass media. The same media that pushed the Anti-Polish BIG LIE that the Nazi German death camps were “Polish death camps”. Shame on Linda Sarsour.

  • Linda Sarsour insinuates that Poles were responsible for the murder of three million Polish Jews. In that case, who was responsible for the murder of three million ethnic Poles and the physical destruction of Poland? It’s no accident that Germans have become increasingly absent from the Holocaust narrative, to be replaced by nebulous Nazis from nowhere. Linda, learn some history before purporting to know about it and misinforming your audience.