“I’m definitely making an impact,” he assessed.

Montclair, New Jersey, July 3 – An internet user who devotes time to posting incendiary comments to articles on a Jewish website with a modest following believes he has come closer to accomplishing his goal of raising public awareness of Jewish misdeeds, the man disclosed in an interview this week.

The anonymous troll told PreOccupied Territory that he devotes some time each day to checking the site, which focuses on Jewish culture and political issues affecting the Jewish community and Israel, for new content. If new content has appeared since his last visit, the man looks for a reason to submit a comment denigrating Jews as a group, Israel as a country, or mentioning people of Jewish extraction whose actions can be portrayed in a negative light and used to reflect negatively on Jews in general.

“I’m definitely making an impact,” he assessed. “I don’t know the traffic numbers, but everyone who scrolls far down on the various articles so that the comments are visible will definitely see my contributions, and they’ll walk away knowing something they didn’t before about how sinister the Jews are.”

Of special importance, he stressed, is the moniker he chooses to fit the content of his comments. “I like to call myself a member of whatever group should feel most threatened by the content on which I’m commenting,” he explained. “So, for example, if the article can be construed to be dissing African-Americans, I’ll choose either a black-sounding name or just the generic ‘a black guy’ and then proceed to spam the page with my drivel.”

“Alternatively,” he continued, “I will call myself ‘goy’ or something and go one about Jewish cabals and ethnosupremacism and what have you. Truth is I don’t really have to address what’s in the article to make my point – if the article discusses something unrelated, I just accuse the author, or the site, of neglecting to discuss, or trying to distract from, what’s actually important, namely Jewish perfidy and power.”

The troll declined to predict how much longer he intends to keep up his noble work. “I guess it depends on how far I feel my message is spreading,” he surmised. “I obviously can’t tell exactly how many minds I’ve changed or opened in the months that I’ve been doing this, but at the beginning I did manage to engage someone in an exchange of comments that gave me an opening to spew more antisemitic vitriol, so who knows? No one’s really responded since then, obviously because of the unimpeachable truth of my arguments.”

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