Sharon and others spoke at memorial services for Rabin. Among other things, Rabin’s family is wishing Sharon all the best in the hope that he would not become yet another assassinated Israeli PM.

What have we become?

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  • I don’t really like the insinuation of “What have we become” – I take it a bit personally.

    I know you didn’t mean it that way, but I think the vast, vast majority of Jews do NOT want to assassinate Sharon, harrass his sons, etc.

    There are always going to be nuts out there, but I think we’re a long, long way away from “What have we become?”

  • I have to agree with neocon. We haven’t become anything more than what we were always meant to be – a nation. It’s the zionist dream – Jewish cab drivers, Jewish cleaning ladies, Jewish scientists, Jewish soldiers and Jewish nutbars. As a whole I like what we’ve become. Can we be better? Of course we can, but so far we’re pretty damned sweet.

  • Fair enough, we’re not assassins, and you Neocon, CK, and all the other fine readers of Jewlicious who don’t want to murder Sharon are hereby removed from the list of people in my comments, “what have we become.”

    My point is that the number of people who are thinking and saying things, and the tone and volume of the discussion, particularly as it relates to violence against Sharon, undermining the democratic nature of Israel, and weakening the legitimacy and strength of the IDF, has become so great that it indicates there is something wrong with the society itself.

    If you look at the significantly increased numbers of assaults at Israeli schools, and the number of children bringing weapons to schools, and the number of cases of domestic violence with wife battery at the top of the list, it becomes clear that the stress within Israeli society, combined with the inherent influence of the military as it permeates so many facets of Israeli society, is beginning to cause serious fractures in the fabric of that society.

  • Who has the most to ‘gain’ from killing Sharon? The right? No. The right-wingers know that they have everything to lose if ‘someone’ kills Sharon. The people pushing this ‘anticipated political violence’ issue have an agenda to demonize the whole right, religious, and settler sectors, it’s that simple.

    still so many unanswered questions left from the Rabin murder and we know who came out ahead on that one too.

  • Yeah! And you know who had the most to “gain” from 9/11? Israel! And you know who had the most to “gain” from Iraq? Israel!

    It’s important that people stop denying what is standing as clear as day in front of them. Down below, there is a post about how settler leaders walked out of a meeting with Sharon, didn’t shake his hand, and then accused him of bringing about a civil war…