poor babySo how come I never get to go to Paris anymore and a murderous terrorist gets an open invitation from Chirac? Is it the $500 million he is rumored to have stashed away in Swiss accounts? Is it because Suha, his “wife,” lives in Paris and has obviously changed her diet from Middle Eastern to French cuisine?

Also, why does he look like a Cheshire cat? He seems ill, but as a few commentators have pointed out, the timing of this little illness is quite effective, with Sharon’s disengagement plan victory suddenly seeming immaterial if the “non-partner” on the other side is gone or replaced. Is this illness real of feigned? Was this a ploy? Will the wily old piece of scum who has survived all these years despite attempts to kill him, and even outlasted a plane crash where others died, finally let out that last foul breath? Or will he survive again, this time back in Europe, gallivanting around trying to promote his sinister plans for Israel and its inhabitants?

So many questions…

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  • Or is it some plot by the Mossad/Shin Bet/Zionists that some wacko Jew ( Moishe Oofnik) is posting on Jewschool.

  • I was thinking he may have finally lost his mind. There was a report somewhere on line that I read that state many of his aides were saying he didn’t recognize people who were close to him.

    As for going to Paris. Where else would he go. They his good friends, even if they ‘investigating’ where Suha has gotten all of the money she is living on.

  • On Israelinsider.com the chatboards are rife with rumors that allegedly gay Arafat is dying of AIDS. I don’t know about the AIDS allegations, but ditching the keffiyeh and military garb for a track suit and knit cap sure do indicate an improved sense of style…

  • Alli, yes, Arafat’s inner metrosexual is appearing.

    I have also been bandying about this idea that it’s AIDS related. I can almost guarantee that if it is, the world will never know for sure.

  • The fact this creep still lives, while the peace makers have died, proves there is no God, or at least one that gives a shit.

    There is still a good chance France’s Socialized Medicine will do the job for us.