The Hilton hotel at Taba, apparently full of vacationing Israelis (sukkot), has just had a massive explosion. Reports indicate many wounded and dead.

The Israeli government had been warning Israelis that an attack on the Egyptian border area was likely and imminent.

Here’s the Haaretz story .

Edit – after daybreak in Israel: 3 explosions; 27 dead; 122 wounded; 38 Israelis missing.

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  • Nuweiba has always been beautiful. It’s unforgettable.

    This will probably destroy the tourist industry in the Sinai for a while. The Bedouins there are in for some hard times.

  • My heartfelt condolences to Israel and it’s people. Don’t give up the GOOD fight against pure EVIL.

  • I guess that security warning wasn’t just an attempt to keep israeli’s travelling locally afterall. I might start taking them seriously again.

  • What are the opinions in Israel regarding the war in Iraq. Do you see it as helping or hurting the war against terrorism. Are you pro Bush or Kerry in this regard.

  • I’m definitely pro Dahab and Nuweiba and Ras Muhamad. As soon as I get to Israel I will go and make a trip to the sinai – otherwise the terrorists will have already won.

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