I usually don’t wish ill upon others but I have to admit that a slight hope has made my heart lighter in recent days, that Yassir Arafat might have cancer.

Sadly, it’s just a large gallstone.

By the way, the Israelis have allowed him to leave his ruined hovel and go to Ramallah to be looked at in a hospital. I think they dread having him die in a manner that would get them blamed for his death.

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  • Huh? They’ll get blamed anyway. The interenet is full of “reports’ about the IDF using all sorst of means to fill his body with cancer, illness etc., etc. If the man takes a pistol, puts it to his head, blows his brains out and video tapes it, Europe and the ME will be screaming it was the Mossad.

  • I am not sure this is the P.C. thing to say, but the sooner ‘President’ Arafat goes to find his ’72 Virgins’ the sooner I think things will begin to improve in Insrael. My guess is that when he finally dies, all of the various factions in the Palestinian controlled areas are going to spend far more time killing each other than they are going to be spending kill Jews. (I don’t really care to see anyone die, but I have to say that if they kill each other it should make things, at least temporarily, safer.)

  • It would be especially disappointing if he goes there and finds 72 raisins instead of virgins.

    By the way, it was rumored that he is a homosexual.

  • TM – what does Arafat’s homosexuality have to do with anything? And if you’re going to make such wild inflamatory accusations, you really ougt to at least provide a link to both give credence to your allegations and demonstrate what a bad ass researcher you are.


  • You know, the funny thing is that it may just not be disinformation. I mean, it’s not as if Suha is living with him or anything.

    One of the key sources of this info about Arafat is this book about him is by this Romanian who headed their secret service.

    Now, that book stinks of disinformation.

  • Um, it ain’t a large gallstone. We don’t know what it is, but the wily old survivor has apparently named a 3 person committee to take over for him; is or was unconscious at some point and; Israeli officials say Israel will allow Arafat treatment anywhere he chooses…

    Let’s hope he chooses a facility somewhere in Antartica on a melting ice floe.

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