So the JPost is reporting a bout a group of “activists” that is promising to harrass the sons of Arik Sharon. How do you harrass them? By following them when they go shopping and cursing them with loudspeakers. Let’s hope they leave their guns at home.

And there’s more:

On Wednesday, police discovered an Israeli flag desecrated at a Jerusalem school and a noose hanging from the mast. Police also arrested three
right-wing activists, known to police, after they were caught hanging posters, reading “The Left has backstabbed us – Kahane was right.”

On Tuesday graffiti was found on Shmuel Hanavi Street in Jerusalem reading: “We assassinated Rabin, we will also assassinate Sharon.” Later in the day, on a wall near Dizengoff Square in Tel Aviv police found graffiti stating “A political assassination would be blessed.”

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