So the yeshiva student who caused this incident with the spitting went along with his father and rabbis to meet with the Armenian clergy to apologize. They were courteous and accepted the apology with kindness.

Apparently, a special Knesset committee is meeting these days to discuss the problem. There seems to be ongoing harrassment which amounts to the, say, desecration of Jewish gravesites and schools that we so abhor when the antisemites do it to the Jews.

Seriously, if the Knesset doesn’t create some severe penalties for these HATE CRIMES, and engage the police to severely enforce them, we should all bow our Jewish heads in shame.

Participants in the meeting, including Christian clergymen and representatives from ministries and the Jerusalem Municipality, confirmed that the problem was widespread and that incidents of harassment were not generally reported to the police.

But the harassment continues: A few days ago, Stars of David were spray-painted on the entrance to the Monastery of the Cross, not far from the Knesset. The Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Cathedral, located near the Jerusalem police headquarters in the Russian Compound, has suffered similar vandalism.

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  • The middle said:

    Seriously, if the Knesset doesn’t create some severe penalties for these HATE CRIMES, and engage the police to severely enforce them, we should all bow our Jewish heads in shame.

    You are absolutely right of course, so don’t get me wrong when I say that I can’t help thinking the following: I’d trade places with the christian victims any day – I’d take the spitting on the clergy and the occasional grafiti on places of worship. They in exchange can have generation after generation of pogroms, inquisitions, crusades, holocaust, rape, murder and persistent hatred.

    Also, when in the history of anti-semitic attacks, has the perpetrator ever returned, head bowed down with his father to apologize? Fuck all that – we have nothing to apologize for.

  • Of course it doesn’t compare to centuries of violent crimes against Jews…but it’s a start.

    It is abhorrent behavior, and it resembles part of what Jews suffered. How about this for a line of argument: “See, now that you have power, you are behaving no better than the very people and nations you criticized for treating you poorly as a minority.”

    What makes me glad is that this story has become public and the country is doing something about it. However, we shouldn’t have to teach these yeshiva bochers how to NOT act like haters – it should come as part and parcel of their vaunted torah and mishnah studies. Let’s not forget that my stories about the spitting on my wife and the beating of those women in the parking lots date back over 15 years. This is not a new development.

  • Abhorrent? Geez louise. In the history of abhorrence, this doesn’t even rank as spit. Look, horking at people is wrong. In most countries that sort of thing is considered assault. But lets try and retain some perspective please…

  • Dude, I have a personal perspective on this. Some guy spit on my wife because she was wearing a short sleeved shirt on a hot day in Jerusalem. I admit it ain’t a pogrom, but it is humiliating…particularly if you’re a minority suffering this at the hands of a member of the majority.

    Mind you, again, I’m glad the Israelis are outraged and the Knesset is doing something. So maybe some good has come from the frothing mouth.

  • So some guy spit on my Jewish girlfriend. Please. Do we really need to convene parliament for this? And does this rank with grave desecrations? I mean really?? I know it’s hard for you to be objective given the affront to your special lady’s dignity and all … but whatever, I think we both agree that in all cases common courtesy and decorum should prevail in a civil society and that spitting is bad. Can we let this go now?

  • spit back, or is 2 crazies better than one? In the history of Zionism,yes spitting back will meet them at their level and they grow from the learning via fear… If we have a higher message to portend for the world then bow to more of the same.

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