Nobody can seem to make up their mind. I’d link to Haaretz, Jpost, CNN, NY Times, but the fact is nobody knows anything. Any minute now, we expect some Palestinian official to tell us (again) that it’s just a severe stomach flu.

Updates as the death progresses…

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  • A few things, we do know:

    Disco is dead.
    Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.
    And Bryan Adams is still Canadian.

    Also, I still need medication.

  • Never thought I’d hear the words “death” and “progresses” back to back!



  • Christiane Amanpour, who seems to have some remarkable entré into Arafat’s inner circle just said on CNN that, and I quote “Arafat is not dead. He’s just out of it.” WTF?

  • I doubt he’ll live for very long. Last I heard from foxnews was that he was in a severe coma and struggling to live.

  • Yeah sure. As if you can trust Fox News. Last I heard, they predicted a Bush victory.


  • After reading this JPost article, I believe he’s dead and there is a cover up to give the PA’s leadership a chance to take over control of the PA, its resources and its forces to prevent a complete collapse into chaos and anarchy of the Palestinian areas in the Territories.

  • Rumors of my death hasve been greatly exaggerated, said Mark Twain. Arafat is clearly a brain twinkie now, a vegetable salad. I love it that Mrs. Arafat blames Israel for premature reprots of her husbands demise. Lets see, wasn’t it the Luxumborg Prime Minister? Did he get a Mrs. Arafat, tsk tsk, finger wag? Of course not because Luxumberg is a strategic alley.