As we all know, Arafat is about to be declared dead, although I suspect he’s been dead for a number of days now. So, having nothing better to do, such as, for example, creating and voting on new bills, Knesset members spent the day lining up to express their feelings about Arafat. I believe the game they were playing was, “Insult the Comatose” with the winner being the Jewish Knesset member who best gets the Arab MKs goat.

Apparently, the Arab Knesset members do not share the sentiments of their Jewish colleagues. I’m not sure why, but perhaps not being targeted in schools like Ma’alot by Palestinian terrorists, or at the Olympic Games by PLO-affiliated terrorists, or in suicide bombings (although a small number of Israeli Arabs have been killed) and sniper attacks for years, provides certain individuals with a different perspective on the ex-leader of the Palestinians.

So when Knesset member Aryeh Eldad said that the only good thing he can think of saying about Arafat is that he’s dead and MK Issam Mahoul suddenly spoke out angrily, Eldad naturally assumed that he was going to win the contest prize of a free Knesset cafeteria lunch.

Mahoul’s goat was indeed gotten. So gotten, that he suggested in this very public forum that Eldad is fit to give speeches in German. In case subtlety wasn’t Eldad’s strong suit (Mahoul had good reason to suspect this considering Eldad’s unfunny comment), Mahoul added that Eldad is “a Nazi fascist.” You will note the brilliant logic.

Now Eldad is very good at dishing out, but not so good at accepting criticism, especially if the criticism involves bad jokes or being compared to Nazis. So he hurried over to Mahoul, teeth visible in an open snarl (this is the middle of a legislative session, folks) and the two MKs were suddenly about to lock horns.

So a humor-challenged Jewish MK was about to hit a proportionality-challenged Arab MK. Over a bad joke. You gotta love how Arafat can reach out beyond the grave. You also have to tip your hat in honor of the sophisticated parliamentary system Israel’s good citizens get to enjoy – talk about entertainment!

For a couple more insults addressed to the perpetually unshaven one, click here.

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  • This post actually made me laugh as I recalled the good old knesset days of Charlie Bitton and Meir Kahane. Behaviour not befitting paliamentarians is a hallmark of the Knesset, crossing all ideological barriers – and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I mean, these senanigans aren’t as fun as boobies, but you can’t always have boobies…

  • the things that fly around the knesset make American mud slinging campaigns look like victorian discourse. It’s quite entertaining, actually, might make for a good reality show.

  • Apparently, the Arab Knesset members do not share the sentiments of their Jewish colleagues.

    Go figure?

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