Have I ever told you about the Israeli professor, an activist with deep ties to Israeli far-Left who came to my town for a lecture and proceeded to trash Israel and its policies? She actually defended suicide bombing publicly once (she was attacked for doing so, and then qualified what she said, claiming that wasn’t what she meant 🙄 ).

So today I’m reading Haaretz. Gideon Levy, a staunch lefty reporter, has gone completely cuckoo. According to him, friends of Israel are really its enemies; its enemies know what’s best for the Jewish state; and Bush is going to cause far more harm than good.

Now I’m no fan of Bush, and agree that he hasn’t done much to press for peace. However, his Administration’s friendship with Israel has been clear and unequivocal, particularly as Israel has had to figure out how to control this violent war the Palestinians started in 2000 and have been waging ever since. In Levy’s world view, the Europeans are the true friends of Israel because they side with the Arabs and compare the IDF’s incursion into Jenin to Nazi-like massacres. 😡

I’m not sure who is more harmful, morally challenged people like Levy, or the rabbis who advocate disobeying IDF orders regarding evacuating settlements.

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  • They’re both equally looney, radical, and dangerous TM. That’s why we need lots more rational, intelligent, even tempered ‘normal’ people in ‘themiddle’, like you and me……and sometimes even you and me ain’t middle enough for me. 🙂