Today, Mr. Abbas, Abu Mazen, the likely successor to the dead fart, indicated that nothing has changed.

“We promise you [Arafat] that our heart will not rest until we achieve the right of return for our people and end the tragic refugee issue,” he said.

Let’s hope he was being clever with the use of language or we might as well just assume the war will continue without any resolution.

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  • Oh well,
    I suppose I’m the only one that believes that our problems depend only on us returning to G-d and not on dreaming up new solutions to old issues or waiting for a ‘partner’ either. The Palestinians are mosquitos compared to the larger bugs that are trying to get rid of us.
    Abu Mazen was 2nd in command of the PLO and was Arafat’s partner in planning and financing the killing of Jews for the sake of getting rid of us from the Middle East. Europe doesn’t care squat about these Palestinians and is only using them to correct the mistake they made in 48 by agreeing to the creation of a secular Jewish state. We need to worry about the Euros scorpions, not the Palestinian mosquitos.
    Nonetheless, Hvae respect for the Arabs and their culture. They may allow themselves to lie to get ahead, but don’t patronize them with expectations of pragmatism or compromising on their ideals like us wheenie westerners.

    In any case, the Oslo farce will only continue a bit longer. A lot of people might want to believe tha Oslo is about to start over, but the folks making the spins just can’t fool everyone again for much longer.

  • Hey,

    I’ve got a funny idea. Why don’t we agree to the Palestinians’
    right of return, provided all of the Palestinians agree to swear
    on the Koran in an official ceremony that they will cease and desist from any and all hostile acts of any kind against Israelis. Then they will be at risk
    of perjuring their souls.


  • Dude’s a bit of a comment spammer it seems. His comment has nothing to do with the underlying post and he’s actually posted the same thing 3 more times under other comments. Plus that bubbie zaydie stuff sounds stupid. I’m going to delete his comment. And of course he didn’t ask. Not nice.