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  • I forgot to mention that on Christmas Eve, we used to go to see a movie because theaters are open in many cities, but virtually empty.

  • Don’t blame Jesus for all the sins, retail and otherwise, us mortals commit in the attempt to profit, money or otherwise, from his short but significant life on earth.

    But ‘bowling’ on his birthday TM? Isn’t this just like sticking a thumb in his mouth and two fingers in his eyes?

  • What does Jesus have to do with any of this? I’m Jewish and it’s Christmas day. Do non-Jews stop bowling on Yom Kippur? Do Muslims ask people to stop bowling during Ramadan? I don’t celebrate Christmas but all of North America is off that day. Since I can’t work, I’d like to be entertained. Since there are limited options for entertainment, I bowl. Believe me, it ain’t such a hoot.

  • I just checked the NFL schedule and there is a game on Christmas Eve and two on Christmas Day (see Week 16). Most of the people playing and attending those games are probably celebrating Christmas as well, so surely bowling is kosher.

  • Movies, Chinese buffet, volunteering at the flu-infested hospital so all the other volunteers can have the day off 🙂


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