Well, the worm died and now his picture graces campaign stops by Abu Mazen, Fatah’s new leader and the probable winner of the upcoming Palestinian elections in early January of 2005. Everybody is viewing this as an opportunity to develop a new relationship between Israelis and Palestinians, and perhaps even a dialogue leading to, I dunno, leading to something.

So Mr. Abbas is on the campaign trail and has made it clear that he is either a lying politician telling the Palestinian public and opposing factions what they expect to hear, a firm negotiator laying down his opening position, or else he is ensuring the conflict only becomes worse (although he has publicly stated that the “violent” struggle by the Palestinians needs to end).

So let’s see what his list of demands is:

1. No settlements – at all

2. No separation barrier – at all

3. East Jerusalem – all

4. Areas from before ’67 outside the Green Line – all

5. “Right of return” of Palestinians into Israel – yes, all

Welcome the new king, same as the old king…

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  • If Abbas must make these statements to get a mandate for peace and an end to the violence, so be it. Ending the violence is the first priority. Dealing with these details, while important, are secondary.

  • Yisrael, why does he need to perpetuate the same old shtus to get real peace, and how is doing so going to contribute to a Palestinian society that more genuinely wants it? For the important things in life like love and peace, one has to be willing to make compromises. As long as he perpetuates these notions as a potential reality for the Palestinians, he is encouraging a mentality unwilling to make compromises and therefore unwilling to help create peace.

  • Laya,

    Yisrael has answered that by suggesting Abbas needs a mandate. He also can’t be perceived as a stooge of the Americans or Israelis. What I’m hoping is that he really is faking it…

  • Laya, it’s all pre-election dick swinging. Abbas wants to come off as the no nonsense, won’t take any guff from the Zionists candidate, coming from the same mold as the dearly departed shahid Abu Amar. No sense getting all hot and bothered about it, it’s all essentially meaningless posturing.

    What a bad ass he is though, huh? I love that list of demands and his description of Oslo as a joke. As time continues to pass, the Palestinian leadership will have less and less leverage with which to extract concessions from Israel. If history repeats itself, watch Abu Mazen continue to not miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

  • Ok boys, admittedly, politics is not my forte, help me out: so the plan is, he gets to look all tough and hard line now, just to change his tune once elected to being a peace loving, compromising softy, which all the people who voted him in will see as a betrayal? how is that going to help public opinion towards peace exactly?

  • well at least he gets the foot in the door. sweet talk the arab street and then deal with the ramifications later… like a typical man 😉

  • well at least he gets the foot in the door. sweet talk the arab street and then deal with the ramifications later… like a typical man 😉

    Well…except for the nice guys. 🙂

  • he doesn’t strike me as a nice guy. he never asks what i’m thinking, doesn’t surprise me with little silly gifts or random bits of poetry, doesn’t bring me coffee in the morning while i’m still in bed. nope. not a “real” nice guy at all.

  • I don’t trust Abu Mazen for one second and don’t believe in the ‘get foot in door’ attitude.

    From what I understand, the guy was the 2nd in command of the PLO from day one and can’t claim that he ‘didn’t know’ about killing Jews and planning to kill many more. Don’t let the suit fool you and don’t think the rhetoric is ‘rhetoric’. Just go back and read what he’s been saying for the past few years, not just his ‘platform’ for this phony election campaign and you might find that, voila, nothing has changed.

    I don’t think any other leader is capable of pulling a ‘Sharon’ and once in office turn 180 degrees and make us concessions for once (beyond some weenie stop the ‘violence’ ceasefire).

  • Josh, you also may be right and there’s no doubt that he’ll have a great deal of pressure placed upon him to maintain a strict line against Israel.

    But can’t we hope? I promise it won’t be for too long. Let’s give ourselfves about 2 or 3 months after his election before we close yet another door.

  • I still do not trust him. But, he is the lesser evil. Alternate evils include: terror increasing as a result of Palestinian anarchy, terror increasing as a result of the election of convicted murderers (Marwan Barghouti), terror increasing as a result of the election of a Hamas PM, terror increasing …

    Abbas is unfortunately seeking reelection in a culture of incitement. Palestinians have received a regular dose of pro-terror incitement for many years. He must demonstrate he can sympathize with people who have been turned into tools of terror. Is this regrettable? Absolutely, but it is the environment we are dealing with.

    Put another way, imagine someone has kidnapped your family. Would you prefer the kidnappers to answer to a leader who has decades of statements against kidnapping, or someone else? We shouldn’t argue about whether that leader is still a bad guy. If he is the best hope for getting your family back, then that is of primary importance.