Well, the worm died and now his picture graces campaign stops by Abu Mazen, Fatah’s new leader and the probable winner of the upcoming Palestinian elections in early January of 2005. Everybody is viewing this as an opportunity to develop a new relationship between Israelis and Palestinians, and perhaps even a dialogue leading to, I dunno, leading to something.

So Mr. Abbas is on the campaign trail and has made it clear that he is either a lying politician telling the Palestinian public and opposing factions what they expect to hear, a firm negotiator laying down his opening position, or else he is ensuring the conflict only becomes worse (although he has publicly stated that the “violent” struggle by the Palestinians needs to end).

So let’s see what his list of demands is:

1. No settlements – at all

2. No separation barrier – at all

3. East Jerusalem – all

4. Areas from before ’67 outside the Green Line – all

5. “Right of return” of Palestinians into Israel – yes, all

Welcome the new king, same as the old king…

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