The Jpost brings us this story about raging hormones and how to impress a girl. Answer: get her to be locked up at the base while you’re also confined. Here’s the story:

A soldier who reportedly tried to impress a female soldier by sending an e-mail to [IDF Chief of Staff] Ya’alon was confined to base for 28 days as punishment for his hutzpa.

The soldier apparently located Ya’alon’s e-mail address from army records and e-mailed him a message saying, “What’s up, dude?” The soldier, identified by the NRG Web site as a computer operator in the IDF’s C4I unit, used the female soldier’s palm pilot to send the e-mail message. Ya’alon’s office quickly traced the pair.
The female soldier was also punished by being confined to base for 10 days.

In a statement, the IDF Spokesman confirmed the incident and said that the two soldiers had behaved inappropriately and were punished accordingly.

What’s up dude? How do you say dude in Hebrew?

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