Shalom Gaza

Yesterday, Avi Dichter, head of the Shin Bet told a Knesset committee that evacuating Gaza could turn Gaza into Southern Lebanon for Israel and would be very dangerous. He also said that evacuating the West Bank would enable Palestinians to develop a terror infrastructure similar to that which already exists in Gaza.

Later, some settler leaders publicly denounced Avi Dichter as a liar because he also told the committee that “Jewish extremists are planning to provoke settlers to fire at security forces during the evacuation of settlements by spreading rumors that the IDF initiated violence against Gaza residents..”

“He is trying to escalate the tension in the country by spreading vicious lies and rumors,” one activist said. “We do not intend to open fire on the evacuating forces and what Dichter is trying to do is cover up for the soldiers and policemen who will open fire on us first.”

So who is on the list now? All the lefties, all the Oslo supporters, all present government ministers, officials, Knesset members and the PM who support the pullout, the IDF, , the ADL, and now the head of the Shin Bet…

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  • Well, the IDF’s Central Command’s Chief Rabbi is now also apparently an enemy.

    Haaretz reports today that:

    …some pullout opponents turned violent Thursday night, as two settlers attacked and threatened to kill IDF Central Command Chief Rabbi Yehuda Wiesner in the West Bank settlement of Mitzpe Yericho, where Wiesner lives.