Uh, at least that’s what Luxembourg foreign minister and current president of the European Union Council of Ministers, Jean Asselborn, thinks.

The `Arafat excuse’ no longer exists. This matter has been resolved with the democratic election of Mahmoud Abbas,” he said.

In other news, Hamas has just blown up six eight more Israelis.

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  • Ummm, well, as a former resident of Luxembourg (yes, we do exist, and the answer is 450 thousand and/or french, german and Luxembourgish – yes it is a language) I feel compeled to defend Asselborn’s comments… If you follow the link, he didn’t actually say that the conflict was over, merely that one of the barriers to the peace process has fallen.

  • Oh, I know what he said, Patty. I also know how to read between the lines and especially how to get people to at least read my posts since they are making my fingers very tired. 😆

  • Ah, I see, more interested in making an impact than getting the facts right… Well, for the record I DO read your posts, but they’ll be read with a grain of salt from now on… As for Matisyahu, unless Tiffy is really into it, it looks like I might be checking out trivia night at TH instead… Unless you manage to convince me it’s worth forking up the 20$! 😉

  • Oy, I can’t believe I have to defend my integrity in what was supposed to be a fun poke at a European.

    First of all, he did say “the Arafat excuse” is no longer there. By using that phrase, he is impugning the Israelis, not the Palestinians because Sharon had refused to negotiate with Arafat. Second, he said that “With Arafat gone, the problem of the peace process’ dead end disappears.”

    So with no dead end, and with no “excuse,” and with no Arafat, and with a “democratically elected Abbas” it seems to this Luxembourgian Minister that the peace process is alive and well. And as we all know, the peace process culminates in the end of the conflict. I don’t see where he states that this is merely one facet of the problem, at least in this article. Furthermore, I point out the abusrdity of making such a claim about the peace process and the “Arafat excuse” when a terrorist organization is blowing up Israeli civilians.

    Next, do you think he’ll be talking about the “Hamas excuse?”

    Can we get back to poking fun at people from Luxembourg now?

  • Hey that’s me! No making fun of people from Luxembourg! Oh, and by the way “luxembourgian” is not a word… 🙂

  • Whaaaaaah! I wanna go to Matisyahu! I have $20!

    Darn being stuck here in Seattle. If he ever tours, I am SO there. Y’all have fun for me, m’kay?