TM I think it is not a coincidence that this article came out during ck’s sojourn in Israel.

Today Gila Sofer serves as an operations officer at the Sharon District’s police intelligence branch, but still has not found the man with whom she wants to share her life.

Sofer is one of many single cops in the service, and undoubtedly the bravest one: She was the only one willing to reveal her full name and have her picture in the paper. “Who knows, maybe this is how I’ll find my husband,” she says.

I only hope he realizes he can meet her without having to get arrested.

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  • Although it’s a better story if he DOES get arrested. Dramatically speaking. Better for the screenplay. And the NY Times Styles Wedding pages.

  • speaking of getting arrested, i needed a pen so i asked this dude for one and he was a russian orthodox priest. as he gave it to me, i totally had to stop myself from spitting in his face cuz it would have made international news. man that was f*cked up ….

  • It’s constantly surprises me how every single devout Jew I know, save for a couple of younger ones, restrains themselves as you did.

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