Incredibly, it turns out that he may well be innocent. He has just been released from his confinement to a base for the past two months as his trial proceeded because the key witness has retracted his testimony and admitted to lying. Not only he lied, but it seems other members of the unit lied as well. Why? Apparently they had unsuccessfully tried to get this officer transferred a couple of months earlier. That attempt failed, so they decided to accuse him of murder, not only dismissing concern over the personal repercussions to this man, but also to the tarnishing of an already publicity-damaged IDF. If this does indeed turn out to be a conspiracy among these soldiers, it would be entirely appropriate for these pigs men to receive lengthy prison sentences.

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  • Wait! Was this a Hesder unit? No? Mostly secular you say? Maybe what we should do is make all IDF units become Hesder Units, that way these guys can go to Yeshivah and learn a little derech eretz – common decency.

  • Actually, I don’t know the make-up of the unit. It may be an entirely Orthodox unit for all I know. 🙂

  • The officer was the ‘mem peh’ or company commander – actually quite important position even if it’s commanding infantry, and FWIW, that captain is not even Jewish. Unfortunately, ‘Jewschool’ might argue that the Jewish soldiers didn’t like their commander because he is Druze, or maybe the commander really was a schmuck on a ‘power trip’ and we know how easy it is in the army.

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