Haaretz reports that disengagement demonstrators blocked a major road today. Nobody knows whether any ambulances were blocked from taking sick people to the hospital but the Yesha Council informed the press that the traffic blockage was caused by Ariel Sharon about a nice middle class Galilee family with two children that lives happily in their custom built home ($30k for the lot and $120k for the construction) and love their IKEA furniture (IKEA Israel has just been purchased by Matthew Bronfman). Best of all, they’re Sephardic!

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  • TM: You have no idea how much this saddens me. I didn’t tell you to post about Ikea, or flowers. I didn’t tell you what to post about at all. I just told you to maybe contemplate stuff. The last thing I wanna do is to have this blog turn into a fluff thing. Your contributions are highly valued and greatly appreciated. Al tihiyei nudnik, beseder? FWIW Haredim mostly piss me off. Ok? That’s what makes all this soooo odd!

  • Wait…
    Haredim shop at IKEA too.

    Or are we going to talk about how living in the Galil on relatively ‘free’ subsidized land is NOT similar to the other Jews who moved across the green line?

    Or how about that new sephardic-only consumers club card in Bnei Brak. But that’s for Haredim only. Who probably don’t buy at IKEA.