Sometimes, you just need a fix of this guy. I apologize to any of you cool dudes who listen to stuff that’s hipper.

Here’s a brief history in pictures.

Here is a list of all of his albums. Yes, you can buy them.

He used to belong to this band, for one great album anyway. The High Windows.

Okay, and here are the lyrics to the songs. Like, many, if not all of them, I think.

So this dates me a bit, but this an oldie and a goodie: Avshalom by Shalom Chanoch. You can find a clip here, second song from the top.


Hachaim od lo chazru lemaslulam (The days have not yet returned to their routine). You can find the clip second from the top.

And a song about dreaming about Prague with its smells of the ghetto and the dawn that will rise again. You can find the clip 3rd from the top. Don’t ask, it’s just one of those songs I’ve heard 2 zillion times.

Yeah, I’m a sap for this old stuff. Sue me.

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