Awww. Poor cute widdle baby sealIf you recall, dear reader, Canadians are busy recalling passports of those who were born in Jerusalem in order to remove the offending word, “Israel.”

Now we learn that Israelis are joining forces with other nations to protest the annual Canadian seal hunt, where Canadians mercilessly and in cold blood murder those poor itty bitty sweet little seals with doe-like eyes that make you want to hug them.

Coincidence? I think not.

In two of those three years, sealers may kill as many as 350,000 harp seals.

The current quota marks a significant increase from the annual slaughter of 275,000 seals before the plan came into effect.

The seals are killed for their pelts, their penises (which are used to make aphrodisiacs in Asian markets), oil (which Canada promotes as a health supplement), and meat.

According to the U.S. Humane Society , the Canadian government and fishing industry claim that seals in the North Atlantic must be culled because they eat too many Cod Fish.

However, two of the government’s own scientists reported that the true cause of the depletion of cod in the North Atlantic was over-fishing.

Those evil Canadians are slaughtering those poor animals for their penises?!?!

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  • The only reason we go on this seal hunt is because it is cheaper than playing “Whack-a-mole” at the arcade. Those dastardly moles move too quickly.

    Also, Seal is a delicacy. Kinda like Praire Oysters…

  • Lunch time conversation among the chemists: If you had to could you take a seal? Unarmed and on the ice. I don’t think I’d be able to do it but am constantly amazed by the amount of people that think they could.

  • Yeah, Tiff, Ian is SOOO going down… Why does he think he can take a seal anyway? I think the seal would just sit on him and it would all be over. Oh, and fat penguins are cute too, especially to break the ice! heehee…

  • Patty was actually referring to the “fat penguin” joke. My memory is crap though…so Patty come back and tell us the joke.

  • Tiffy, not a joke!!! A pick-up line! As in, you walk by someone and say “fat penguin”. When they look at you with a startled look on your face you say something like “Oh, I was just looking for something to break the ice!” ­čÖé I thought it was cute… As for yeti sports, my coworkers used to play it all the time, I always thought they were pretty weird for liking games that involve whacking penguins. But I’m totally addicted to freecell, so go figure…