The current issue of the Jerusalem Report, an excellent publication which I highly recommend, includes this brief report. You’ll notice there’s no mention of Israelis:

BERLIN: Six Lebanese Christian militiamen who took part in the massacre in the Palestinian refugee camps Sabra and Shatilla in September 1982 have spoken out for the first time in the documentary “Massacre,” which had its world premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival in mid-February. Members of the Christian militia Forces Libanaises describe in detail taking part in killing some 1,000 (according to the film) unarmed Palestinian civilians. Anonymous, with faces hidden, they claim they were ordered by Lebanese security officials to “kill them all and wipe out Sabra and Shatilla” as revenge for the assassination of then-Lebanese president Bashir Gemayel, a fellow Christian, two days earlier. Lokman Slim, a Beirut-based publisher who is one of the film’s three directors (with Monika Borgmann and Hermann Theissen), told a press conference that not only Christians took part in the massacre, but also Lebanese Shi’ite Muslims, though none have been willing to speak out.

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