Haaretz brings us this disturbing article about how Israeli Arabs and Bedouins are doing within Israel what Israeli settlers are being accused of doing in the territories. The author, Israel Harel, provides information in the article about how the government whitewashes these land grabs and ultimately gives them its legal support. A very disturbing story about how half the state lands in the Galilee may have been overtaken illegally by Arabs in the area.

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  • “When Jews seize land for national objectives, he said, it is considered a matter worthy of condemnation and attention; when Arabs do it, it is seen as a righteous act, and as the compensation they deserve.”

    damn skippy. if you’d like, i’ll take you to the bedouin village outside maleh adumim. the people there used to live in houses where maleh adumim now stands. now they live in tin shacks above the municipal dump.