After careful consideration of the latest Jewlicious posts and comments about premarital sex among the Orthodox Jews – or lack thereof among other Orthodox Jews – Hamas has decided to take a strong position on the matter. It appears they disapprove of premarital sex. Moreover, they also disapprove of premarital communications, premarital glances, premarital thoughts or premarital, well, premarital anything.

A current Hamas leader, Mohammed abu Loonie, is reported to have said, “Let the Jews do it, our women are the true shomrot negiyah. This is why Sharon is evacuating Gaza, from the shame of the settlers before our undefiled women. With the purity of our livestoc, er, wives and daughters, we shall overcome the colonialist white-faced Europeans.”

To make his point clear, abu-Loonie sent out some of the Hamas “Vice and Virtue Commando” Brigade (where do these guys get a printer for their ski masks?) to seek out offenders. It did not take long before they saw Yusra al-Azzami, 22 years old, and out and about with her fiancee. The couple were walking on the beach, imagining their future life together, viewing the beautiful Gazan sunset, and were doing so with Yusra’s sister as a family-sent chaperone accompanying them.

At that point, the Brigade from Hamas did what any self-respecting Palestinian Islamic Hamas brigade would do. They watched the trio get into the husband’s car and followed them. I’ll let the Jerusalem Post take over from here:

According to eyewitness accounts, five masked gunmen who were in another car gave chase, opening fire at Azzami, who was sitting in the front seat next to her fiance. She died instantly.

The fiance and sister were later brutally beaten and moderately injured by the attackers.

The incident took place at a busy intersection in Gaza City.

What happened immediately afterwards left many passersby traumatized.

The assailants dragged the young woman’s body out of the car, pouncing upon it mercilessly with clubs and iron bars.

Yes, yes, yes, these masked, armed men defended the honor of the Palestinian people by murdering this woman and beating the other two. Then they beat her body to a pulp in this busy intersection.

Now if you think this happened by accident, you’d be right. The PA police captured two members of the brigade and informed the Jerusalem Post that the violence had been in error. The killers were unaware the couple was engaged and thought they were merely on a date.

Hamas is promising to tweak their new morality system and in the future plan to beat the couple first, acquire a videotaped confession of a fabricated crime, and only then murder the woman in order to avoid unwarranted blame for stupid murderous acts.

ck, great photo in the article.

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  • I just have to add that the whole tongue in cheek tone and the title are quite funny.

  • Wow, that is really sad… It’s really unbelievable the things that are still allowed to happen in certain parts of the world.

  • Now you’re talking TM.

    In Canada,
    I lived next door to goyim, and went to school with them too, but here you endorse segregation and kicking Jews out of the homes so that ‘Israel’ can save a few pennies.

    Bush didn’t promise any money, or at least it hasn’t been leaked, though some American money would give Sharon very good leeway. So where are we going to get that 8 billion NIS that isn’t even in this year’s budget? ( I remind you that the entire government swallowed a 3% cut across the board to pay for Shinui’s 700millionNIS blackmail.

    I know, I know. You’ll say that it’ll be one rough year, but then we’ll ‘enjoy’ the savings from not having a gazillion soldiers in Gush Katif and their will be peace.

  • Josh, I endorse getting the hell out of a place with 8000 Jews and 1.xxxx million Palestinians. It makes sense and money is only a small part of why.

  • The entire story makes me want to vomit! The brutalization of women as a human rights issue is too often ignored by the world as a “cultural issue”. This is clearly the stinkiest pile of relativist garbage. Issues of sexual abuse, physical and psychological are such a flash point – how can this blatant abuse be ignored? Earlier this week I was encouraged by news from Saudi Arabia – that their Grand Muffti declared that women should no longer be forced to marry men against their will. I thought that maybe women would be seen as human…or at least be allowed to get drivers licenses!

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  • Tiffy, I will always pick over afro-frat-man, you know that! And my frisbee window is always open for you, baby!

  • I second the sentiments of Rachel. It is terrible what happened and perhaps it only makes you want to serve and protect and kill kill kill I know, but then for every child watching history unfold, violence would be the only tactic they understood. The Hamas will not change by reacting with the same velocity and style of force as they use -these are a people whose only culture is a culture of war. They have a limited understanding of reality. You could live amongst them as enemies, live separately, or work at influencing each other -questioning their beliefs and assumptions. I realize you can’t just walk into a cafe, sit down, and start talking about your girlfriend with a Hamas member, but there would be some leverage on a large scale if there were organizations set up as liasons between cultural groups as an inter-cultural humanist movement. Of course it’s not a cultural issue for a woman to be beaten, but it may be a cultural issue why some people are motivated to attack innocent people based on their beliefs. I find it hard to imagine, but if you believe someone is absolutely wrong for what they are doing, it DOES make you want to kill them. You don’t have to be inherently evil, because we all have that potential for evil when we frame it as self-protection. There are several options other than engaging in war: live together as enemies, live separately, or start developing a mentality of openess to friendship so that one day you can live together without killing each other. There aren’t easy alternatives, but there are alternatives. I admit I don’t know THE solution, I don’t know if there is just one either, but I’m not going to jump to one that so resembles barbarism as suspecting that the only one is armed subjugation.

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    Haven’t heard from you since you dissapeared this morning, what up, yo?

  • There are a lot of delicate issues being bantered about here (not including the frisbee window ouvert). Is all violence evil? Is self protection pre-emptive or reactive, and who gets to define it? I would venture to say that there is a difference between self defence (classicly defiend) and five armed gunmen running a car off the road assisnating a woman then pounding her into a pulp (framed as cultural self defence -yikes).

    When I lived in Israel as a student I spent time with Christian Druze and Arab folks who were interested in living together with Jewish people, so there are people to talk to! Also there is a very cool Yid Eliahu McKlean who does peace work. I don’t think he hangs out at cafes and talk about his girlfriend, but he does a peace-in each Friday by the Kotel among other things peaceful and crunchy. Check it out. (sorry folks, can’t figgur out the ‘puter lingo)

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  • i just happend to come across this site as i was researching about eddie greenspan’s life.. anyhow, i read this article and was also shocked!!

    being an arab iraqi muslim residing in Toronto, Canada, yet having gown up in kuwait/jordan/iraq i often curse at those freakin idiots who commit such crimes giving islam such a “sweet” name!

    anyhow, it does not teach in the Qur’an that women should not drive as is the case in Saudi.. nor does it justify killing a woman for ‘dating’ a man, whether they were engaged or just dating! ..

    i just wish that peopole realize that such radical ideas are only shared by a minority of muslims, who in my opinion do not know the first thing about the religion itself!