Hats!I believe there is an image here that could be improved with some photoshop. It’s amazing how quickly this pending “mini-crisis” could be solved if an image was circulated of this man wearing a kippah. I’m positive he won’t have a problem putting one on at Yad Vashem at that point.

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  • I bet you keep saying “he” because you can’t pronounce the name of Turkey’s Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan. I hear (from sources who say they can) that “it doesn’t sound anything like it’s spelled.”

  • Give him a choice:

    a) One of those satiny looking Reform kippahs
    b) A shtreimel, kapputa, and white knicker socks.

    You choose.

    I’d go with b.

  • The question is really mute;
    there is no reason for a goy to wear a kippa at yad vashem, at a synagogue, or at a funeral. It is not ‘out of respect’ of anything. Given that the torah is one big ‘take the goyish culture and do the opposite’, and we know that it is a big no-no to wear a hat inside a church, then it is really stupid to then make goyim wear kippas inside synagogues.

    The ‘secular’ government making this a diplomatic issue is the icing on the cake.

    Recep, don’t wear the kippa.
    Israel foreign ministry, start worrying about real diplomatic protocal rather than this wanky issue.

  • Josh, if they don’t worry about the Turkish PM’s headcovering while at a memorial for Jewish victims of genocide, they might need to address the really icky issue of the Israeli government’s official position that what the Turks did to the Armenians is not a genocide. Better to talk about the headcovering.

    And ck, what do I pay you for if not to take a hint and run with it.

  • I think it should be taken one step at a time… at least the guy has shown up and is going to Yad Vashem. Next we’ll clean out his mouth of anti-semitic remarks and THEN we’ll worry about a kippah.

  • Just checking. BTW, is it overdramatic of me that when I saw “He posts with brevity” I added in my head “…like the night”?

    (Not that this makes any sense, mind you. But welcome to my brain.)

  • Esther,

    It’s only overdramatic if you tell people rather than put it in a script.

    Woody Allen would be locked up (or should be), but he uses his thoughts for scripts/movies. Imagine if he didn’t. Imagine being on a date with Woody if he was, oh, say an accountant.

  • I would like to see him with Shrek ears as well, but maybe that’s just me.

    And for the record, I cannot imagine being on a date with Woody Allen, EVER. Or an accountant in general. (Anyone who loves numbers that much…what could we have in common?)

  • “Esther, accountants can be interesting people. Really.”

    Uh, rarely. Here’s how I’d rank interest level (top being most, bottom being least) with respect to biz specialty (my anecdotal observations from spending 4 years at Concordia Biz school).

    1) Marketing
    2) International Biz.
    3) Management
    4) Stats (although true math lovers can have that cool, geek thing going on)
    5) Economics
    6) Finance
    7) Accounting (here’s a case where there’s very few exceptions to the rule)

  • My accountant’s a pretty cool guy who, aside from his existing wife, would be a fine catch.

    My old accountant was also a pretty cool guy, although I never did understand what he was doing that allowed him to buy that huge yacht.

  • Without slandering an entire profession unfairly, I would posit that on the whole, I would not have a lot in common with accountants. But I do recognize that there are exceptions to the rule…after all, Annabel Lee’s in a math-related profession, and I like her fine. 🙂

  • hmmm, I work in Marketing (info sys and dss, darn I love databases, but still marketing), have a mangement degree. That makes me interesting? And here I was trying to be well read so I could throw obscure references around. 42 less 1 and counting.