Forget those loser Palestinian propagandists with their Saeb Erakats, Hanan Ashrawis and horrendous TV programming directed at encouraging child martyrdom to kill Jews. Yup, once again Israel proves its superiority in yet another area, antisemitism.

It appears that Israeli police have located a group of about 20 neo-Nazis who know each other and enjoy discussing things like, you know, extermination of the Jewish people/how the Holocaust never happened. Yup, they emigrated to Israel from the former Soviet Union using the Law of Return, got some swanky tattoos, hit the Internet and began…chatting. The irony of living on the largesse of the Jewish state may or may not be lost on them, we don’t know.

The police, by the way, have no idea what to do. It’s a free country where Arab-Israeli Knesset members can go and meet with Syrians and Hezbollah leaders and support a violent struggle against Israel while speaking to Hezbollah gatherings. So what’s the big deal about a few idiots with swastikas tattooed on their arm? Is there a law against antisemites coming in using the law of return? If Ilan Pappe can live there and work for a state university with impunity, what’s wrong with a bunch of neo-Nazis getting discounts on refrigerators (one of the perks new olim to Israel receive from the government)?

On the contrary, they should probably set up school trips for Israeli kids, to go and visit these people.

Wait! I think I know what we can call these field trips!



It’s amazing how these cockroaches continue to exist. It really is something that never seems to go away.

edit: note that the original discussion was erased when the site crashed last week.

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