Oops, I meant a Likudnik with orange hair is highly offended that after dying his hair orange, out of sympathy with the gay pride parade marchers, particularly the transvestites disengagement protesters, he was kept out of the Knesset building.

David Harmelin, an aide to MK Naomi Blumenthal (Likud), died his hair to protest the disengagement. But when he attempted to go to work with his new hairdo, the Knesset guard refused to allow him entry.

In his petition, Harmelin argued that denying entry to the Knesset because of his hair color constitutes a severe infringement on freedom of expression, and violates both the Basic Law on Human Dignity and Liberty and the Basic Law on Freedom of Occupation. He admitted that the dye was a form of political protest, but stressed it was completely nonviolent.

Interviewed a little while later, it was reported by various Jewlicious correspondents that the security guard in question, who only gave his name as Doodoo, apparently said, “Non-violent, shmon-violent, who gives a hoot. I kept the little runt out because it looked bad, really bad and I wanted to save the Knesset’s honor. My sister’s a hairdresser, tell him to call me, I’ll set up an appointment.”

A sad gay onlooker was overheard saying, “He looked so sad and beautiful, but orange was definitely not his color.”

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  • Why shouldn’t he look like a clown – the Knesset is a circus.

  • This blogger, balagan, who also works at the knesset was almost denied access as well for wearing orange crocs (the stupid rubber clogs). And she’s rabidly pro-expulsion.

    Scroll down to Monday, June 20, 2005.