Ha’aretz reports:

The Prime Minister’s Office demanded on Wednesday that Attorney General Menachem Mazuz review the issue of recognizing those injured in attacks by Jewish terrorists as terror victims.

There are also moves in the Knesset, one initiated by an Arab Israeli Member of Knesset belonging to one of the “Arab” lists, and one initiated by a Jewish Israeli Member of the Labor Party, to change the law that forced the Ministry of Defense to rule on the killing of four Arab Israelis that it wasn’t a terrorist attack.

…MK Mohammed Barakeh (Hadash-Ta’al) submitted to the Knesset Tuesday an amendment to the law governing compensation for terror victims that would entitle Arab Israeli families hurt by Jewish terror to money from the state.

Barakeh’s ammendment will recognize as victims of terror anyone hurt from “hostile activities by a terror organization,” and not just those hurt by “organizations hostile to Israel.”

On Monday, an inter-ministerial committee headed by a Defense Ministry official decided that the victims of the terrorist attack in Shfaram and their families will receive a one-time compensation from the state, but will not be recognized as terror victims.

Four Israeli Arab citizens were killed in the Shfaram attack, when a Jewish extreme-right activist who had gone AWOL from the Israel Defense Forces opened fire in a bus. The attack was seen as an attempt to thwart the disengagement plan.

Barakeh’s proposed ammendment, which was signed by three MKs from the Arab Hadash-Ta’al faction, noted that while Arabs have suffered from acts of Jewish terror – performed against them from nationalistic and racist motives – they have not been entitled to compensation. Israelis, however, who are hurt in terror activities intended against the state do receive compensation.

The ammendment will also apply to Palestinians residing within Israel’s territory. The bill stresses that an identical bill was submitted to the Knesset in 1994 but was not approved.

MK Yuli Tamir (Labor) has also prepared an amendment for the law on compensation for terror victims. This will define victims of terror as any person who is hurt as a result of actions aimed at foiling government policy. People whose property is damaged because of their belonging to a specific national, ethnic or religious groups will also be defined as terror victims.

Note the part mentioning “Palestinians residing within Israel’s territory.” Presumably, that would mean any attack within the West Bank as well.

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