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Israel’s Weizmann Institute of Science has been voted the best university in the world for life scientists to conduct research. The poll was conducted by The Scientist magazine as part of its third annual ‘Best Places to Work in Academia’ survey.

The more than 2,600 academics who responded to this year’s survey rated relationships with their peers, a sense of accomplishment in their work, and access to research resources as the ingredients that make for a great workplace.

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  • Mazel Tov! Bet they throw some wild Rainbow parties over there! Did anyone see the video of the party at Brown on Fox News/O’Reilly factor? It’s not your 1983 sorority party anymore.

  • Actually, they drink beer and discuss the reproductive functions of microscopic organisms.

    But hey, whatever it takes…

  • isn’t Israel the leader in bio-medicine? someone should make an article about that, or show me one, so i can convince my girlfriend to go to Uni in Israel.

  • that’s just about the craziest loking building I’ve ever seen! Forget rank, I’d go there just for the building!

  • The building is supposed to resemble the nose of an airplane. it is to commemorate a fighter pilot that ditched his malfunctioning plane in the fields outside of Rehovot. He was trying to land at the airforce base at Tel Nof. he died saving lots of lifes had it crashed into Rehovot..

  • The folks at the Weizmann are leaders in the field of biochemistry. Many Weizmann students are at Harvard/Yale and other major institutions world-wide. oh yeah, just seen 1st hand – they do also know how to party!!

  • The building gives me the strongest urge for a shwarma in a lafa/eish tanour dripping with tehina.

  • David wrote: isn’t Israel the leader in bio-medicine? someone should make an article about that

    Israel21c is a great org/website. I knew some of the founders back in my hasbarah days. Anyways, here’s their health/medicine section.