Hamas Baby

More on this later, but I just wanted to remind our readers just who we’re dealing with here in the new Palestinian government. Oooh, here’s another oldie but goodie about Hamas. Oh heck, here are a whole bunch more.

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  • Muffti is sure that kid will grow up knowing how to well adjust the sites on a gun. Sorry for calling ya a dick 🙂

  • You can call me a dick any time. This is the internet and you are just a bunch of pixels.

    And everybody knows you can’t take a bunch of pixels seriously.

  • Good point manyjars. If that child would fool enough to fire that gun, he’d likely lose a finger or two and suffer serious facial damage. Stupid terrorist parents…

  • If they get up an army and threaten genocide then give them all out war and finish the job!

  • Let’s face it. They won’t go away by themselves. Palestine is going to implode… Israelies will not have to lift a finger. Soon you’ll see green sh@t flying everywhere…

  • ………..another comment.
    The girl on the top has a nice rack.
    ….Just thought I’d mention it.