Stone Throwing in Hebron

I believe I wrote something like this before the Gaza disengagement. Well, here is round two and it wasn’t initiated by any disengagement, merely fear caused by a rumor.

Anyway, things learned:

1. Wear cool garb to the stone throwing. Attempt to make it fulfill a theme, like, say, blue and white to represent the Israeli flag.

2. Throw stones and eggs at Israeli soldiers. Consider it a justifiable action – always play the victim.

3. Call Israeli soldiers “nazis.”

4. Wear a ski-mask at all times and learn to live with the itchiness. It is best to shave the day prior to the stone-throwing and name-calling.

Where’s that woman who keeps telling us that the christ-killer t-shirts are besmirching the memory of our ancestors. I would say these little events are besmirching the memory of those Jews who lived in Hebron for millenia, and especially the group that suffered the massacre by the Arabs in 1929 causing 69 to die and for the community to flee.

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  • The Muddled One does it again:

    it wasn’t initiated by any disengagement, merely fear caused by a rumor
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Well, no, actually, Jews are being turned out of Jewish property that was purchased by Jews around 1850, and decimated by the Arab pogrom of 1929. The Arab murderers have squatted on – and shot from – the property since then.

    After several incidents – culminating in the Palis shooting a 1-year-old in her stroller, then escaping to this area – the Jewish community of Hebron actualized their legal deed to the area, and eleven families moved in.

    The Palis went crying to the Supreme Court, which ruled that the Jews of Hebron were to be evicted from their own property.

    So far, the police have used tear gas and have broken the leg of at least one Jewish teenager.

    For living on Jewish property.

    In the Jewish homeland.

  • I agree with Ben-David (which I am sure shocks you no doubt)…

    If the Palestinians have the chutzpah to demand the right to return, why should we be any different? Does being a Jew give you less of a right to retake something that belongs to you?

  • i probablly should add, that while I do support retaking it, throwing rocks is stupid, stupid, stupid… but i do concur with mufti that its fantastic imagery

    (note to the person who posted this, i am the person who criticised the CK t-shirts, but i am no woman… at least last time i checked)

  • I believe that in that wonderful, loving combination of Orthdoxy and ultra-Nationalism has culminated in looking at ones fellow Jew as the enemy. I am absolutely shocked!

  • I meant “I can’t believe” — messed up html coding in desire for excessive sarcasm.

  • Middle, it seems quite obvious from the wording of the article that the Jews in Hebron who, apparently, are legally living on Jewish property, are eventually going to be evicted, just not “this week”.

    So Jews getting murdered in their beds by Arabs gives the Jewish community a good name but Jews fighting against a Supreme Court that sides with terrorists makes us look bad?

    Get a fucking grip, Middle. If what Ben David says is true (and until someone shows me proof that the Jews stole paleostiniuan property, kicked out the legal residents of those buildings and then moved in I assume that it is), then it is very hard to escape the impression that Israel, with the collusion of a high-handed Supreme Court, is planning on forcing out people who are living on property that legally belongs to them.

    You would not fight back in such a situation?

  • DAMN that looks mad cool If they are copying Pals I can see why Pals have world public opinion on their side.