Lisa's Tel AvivLisa Goldman at On The Face has participated in creating a city guide to Tel Aviv. This is clearly a beautifully designed and photographed book fit for those jealous Jerusalemites’ coffee tables (joke!!).

Looking at the slick but gorgeous photos, (go to the “Browse the Book” section) I am reminded how many profoundly different sides there are to Israel.

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  • I have not seen this guide but dafka the usual guides I thought were really good.

    I always wanted to be in this business, but I see from year to year, the old ones die, and new ones crop up.

    My wish is that I can get involved in such a publication and allow me to travel to Israel even more frequently.

    RIght now I don’t think I will be back for a year and this causes me some sadness, as I just left the Kotel for mincha on Friday and I am looking at my last day in Israel tommorow.

  • Maybe if I had posted differently for the past 2 years people would be more receptive to my ideas…

    Perhaps I can change this year.