Our regular readers know our frequent visitor, Jewish Mother. As we all know, she simply wants us all to grow up, marry Jewish spouses, have lots of Jewish babies and eat lots of cholent or hamin on Shabbat while staring at the sky and thanking God for making our lives so terrific.

Take a look at this video and tell me this sweet and lovely woman isn’t our JM: Hanna Tennenhaus, 100 years old!

JM, if that is you, you look terrific for 100 years old, darling. Mwaaaaah!

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  • Lovely, just lovely Middle. A real tribute to aging well. I’m not going to get there in as good as shape as she’s in. We should find her phone number and give her a call some time. All claiming to be distant kin. She’d be happy to hear from you! Cheers & Good Luck, ‘VJ’

  • Wow. Total wow.

    I only hope to look so great, and be so cool, at her age. Or any age.


    I will stop sniveling, pull my foot out of the grave, and try to learn from her.

  • Panglosstein indeed. She may realize that things aren’t quite perfect, but if only everybody who is Jewish did what she prescribes (and as she implies exists in her own life), then all will be well for those Jewish people. Marriage to a Jewish spouse is heavenly; Jewish children are heavenly; love for Torah and our Jewish God are heavenly; our traditions are wise, perfect and heavenly; all Jews are inherently good and the ones who are acting badly simply need to be more…Jewish…

    I don’t think JM has a cynical bone in her body; she really believes in magic. She is the poster mama for returning to observance in the Jewish faith.

  • A shot of botox, some teeth bleaching, makeup and a blonde sheitel and she could post on JDate for 45! Blei Eyin Hara and God Bless!

  • daaaaamn! i want to know what moisturizer she’s using. she looks better than many people half her age. good for her.

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