Some of us think fondly of the Rothberg International School at the world-class Hebrew University of Jerusalem. They have forwarded information about a great program that they’re offering this summer and I thought some of our readers might be interested.

Let me couch the following by saying that your first priority should be to attend the One Year Program for overseas students at Rothberg. However, the next best thing to spending the year, is spending your summer there. Last year they offered their Annual Summer Institute focusing on the World of the Bible for the first time and it was quite popular. They are bringing it back this summer.

Participating students can earn up to 8 university credits over the period of one month (!!) of study and the program is offered from June 27-July 25, 2007.

Summer in Jerusalem; credits for studying stuff where, um, it originated; and did I mention the beautiful people who tend to attend these programs?

You can learn more about the program at the Rothberg School’s website.

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  • Hebrew U. also offers junior year abroad programs lasting one or two semesters. My year spent there was extremely memorable and formative. The professors were top-notch and, well… what can I say – I had a really, really awesome time there – it was a sublime combination of intellectual stimulation, and getting to experience both the sacred and profane aspects of living in Jerusalem. Good times, good times…

  • Their website has yet to be updated for the 2007 school year… does anyone know when this might happen?