Beware! The video below is shocking. Taken in Gaza City on December 3, 2008 it shows scenes of horror, death an deprivation that rival archival footage taken by the Nazis of Auschwitz and the Warsaw Ghetto.

Did you see? That shopkeeper smoking a cigarette was smoking Egyptian Cleopatra brand cigarettes instead of his usual Marlboro Reds. For shame Israel, for shame. Long live Hamas! Long live the Palestinian revolution and the brave freedom fighters launching Qassams (with non-explosive war heads apparently – thanks PA legal advisor Diane Buttu!). Keep up the fight O ye brave soldiers of Palestine! Fight till you get your Marlboros!

Hat tip Aussie Dave who has been tirelessly live blogging from Israellycool.

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • And if you walked around Sderot with a video camera for half a day you’d see more? C’mon, CK, this is vapid and proves nothing.

    Some of us *have* been to Gaza and your idiocy shows itself.

  • What does Sderot have to do with it? If you’ve been to Gaza, as I have, you would know that it is not the concentration camp portrayed by Hamas apologists. Images portrayed in this video are not unique. Gazans enjoy a standard of living, even under the blockade, that would be the envy of most of the world. Fess up xisnotx. You’re not a dummy. Hamas did not instigate this war out of desperation. This isn’t the concentration camp inmates blowing up the crematoria. This is about non-state players, along with their allies, challenging the old school, post WWII nations. This is about Iran using it’s muscle to assert itself as a regional power. This has nothing to do with some imagined desperate humanitarian crisis, it has less than nothing to do with the welfare of the people of Gaza.

  • I’m suing CK and jewlicious for the mental damage they have caused me after watching this horrifying video.

  • Okay there I have couple of question for you.
    this suppose to be a jewish site and all, why dont you show some of the Sderot footage,Ashkelon and Ashdod?
    your stupid sarcasm just destroys the whole purpose of the entry. All people do around the globe is show the terrorists dead bodies and their kids who live in filth and give all their money to some new bombs to be sent on our citicens.

    The world is being terror-positive nowadays and your part of the idiotism. Go on a street of the coties mentioned above and shoot some dead kids.

  • I would love to be able to visit Gaza. The buildings and street vendors look so much like where I grew up, in Rio de Janeiro. Actually it looks a lot like many third world places I’ve visited, sans martyrs posters. Where are you from Kung Fu Jew? Have you ever been to other third world countries? This footage looks like what low middle class would look like in Rio. Of course, there is much worst, in our famous “favelas” or shanty towns. I would really like to hear from the perspective of people who have seen the world as it actually is, not only Americans and Europeans who have visited Gaza. Anyone?

  • “Fess up xisnotx. ”

    to what?

    “You’re not a dummy. ”

    not sure my momma agrees

  • I’m jewish, israeli and proud.

    but I don’t think the palestinians suffering is to be taken likely, even though it is their fault.

    the Gaza strip is a pretty big place after all (about 360 skm), I guess some places are easier to live in than others.

  • Gaza is the densest population center in the world. W.O.R.L.D. Think more than the slums of India. This tourist video does not show the whole.

  • KFJ18: That’s Gaza City. The densest of the dense. It’s not a refugee camp or anything but the point is that the Gazans are NOT in a concentration camp. They were not rummaging around for potato peelings and they are not skeletal, starving Holocaust victims. There never was any genocide taking place there and dense or not, Gaza City and most of Gaza is still a heck of a lot nicer than many places on earth. Trying to portray the otherwise valid grievances of the Palestinians as the greatest human rights disaster on earth doesn’t help anyone, least of all the Palestinians.

  • Since he will not respond, I’m assuming Kung Fu Jew has not been to other third world countries, besides Gaza. I’ve lived in the US for years now and I still cannot get used to how oblivious people are to how horrible this world really is. Desmond Tutu, from South Africa telling the world how terrible the situation is in Gaza at the same time his poor countrymen (the highest rate of rape and second highest murder rate in ther world)killed even poorer Zimbabwans with machetes just a couple of months ago. Now, Venezuela’s Chavez, calling Gaza a holocaust while his people live in one of countries with most shanty towns in the world ( go read about the “barrios”) and a murder rate so high that the gorvernment has made it secret for the past few years, all that despite of all its oil. These are the type countries and the peoples who love to judge Israel, to say it is stolen land and to offer no solutions. So many progressive American Jews happily join them in their words against Israel. They expect Israel to put its existance in jeopardy so their standards of whats just can be met and demand nothing from Palestininas.
    Israel has the right to defend itself and is doing so honorably.

    By the way, the Gaza strip has a population density lower than Macau, Monaco, Gibraltar, Hong Kong and Singapore. As you can see from these locations, population density does not always equate to chaos and violence. So, please stop spreading your uninformed lies. Just pick up any good almanac or encyclopedia and figure it out.

  • Wow. You are so pro Israel that you can’t see the destruction Israeli Jews are inflicting on another group of People.

    You are a fucking terrorist apologist. Israel and the United States are terrorist organizations. Israel is the reason that we are fighting Iraq and soon Iran. Murder is Israel and the Mossad’s calling card. 911 on.

  • No, oil is the reason the US is fighting in Iraq, it fought in Kwait and might fight in Iran. Oil, the money and the power that comes with it. The United States is no more a terrorist state than all the other countries that use whatever power they have to influence the world in their favor. In that list, besides the US, you can find Russia, China, the members of the European union, members of the OPEC ( your favorite country is there, Iran), and countries with nuclear arms capabilities. Plus,if you feel that strongly against the US, maybe you should start your own “resistance” group domestically. Let me know how that goes.

  • Silly post but there you go. Israel did its disgusting best to wipe out a racial minority before funding and anti-UN sentiment would be withdrawn by the US. Horribly, horribly cynical. But then again you did use terrorism in 1948 to get “your land”.

  • Um, if Israel wanted to “wipe out” anybody, they would really “wipe” them “out.”

    Actually in 1948, Israel fought several armies to get “its land.”

  • your video is but a snapshot and does not portray the injustice to the Gazan people. How would you like to live under their conditions? From N.A. I have lived in Israel and you enjoy almost as high a standard of living. Why do they deserve diminished property and human rights? If they were of the right race of course everything would be different. Reminds me of a Bantustan

  • The Palestinian standard of living was higher than Egypt’s prior to the war they launched against Israel in 2000 right after Israel offered them peace and a state.

    They don’t “deserve” diminished property and human rights, they incurred those things by launching a war (again) and losing. They then watched as Israel left Gaza down to the last Jew and you know what they did? They didn’t focus on their people’s welfare, human rights or property rights. They didn’t build schools and playgrounds. They didn’t invest in the economy. No. they launched thousands of rockets at Israeli civilian centers and got busy accumulating arms for war.

    So the answer to your question isn’t “bantustan,” it’s “really poor choices, over and over and over again.” Gaza could be thriving but instead it suffers because every time the crossings are opened, the terrorists get busy trying to infiltrate into Israel to blow up some Jews. Then people like you come here to complain about diminished rights.

  • hmm yeah great lots to buy but no money to buy anything due to israelis closing border bringing in them really hard working russians pah hard working russians sooo funny very
    pathetic video jew lover hope your proud of murdering 1000 civilians jewish nazis who woulda thought it oh wait wasnt there jews pushing jews into ovens at aushwitz and rabbis providing list of jews to the nazis with friends like that who needs enemys !! will you now show a video of idf stopping ambulances food water ect and shooting bombing men wimen and children sieg heil nien didnt think so !!! auf wiedersen

  • Something is gonna happen soon i give it 3 years. you will feel the pain.

    You cant kill hundreds and thousands of PEOPLE, without getting punishment, it is natural that you will get bitten.
    right always triumphs over wrong no matter what or how long.

    heartless jewish leaders and people are gonna do something really stupid cos you think you so powerfull, and when that happens the whole world is going to Raw at the same time. every country at the same time…..

    and i will be there, as will the billions that know what is right from wrong.

    Just saying, just saying…..

  • Please google gaza concentration camps and click on images…

    See all the dead babies and women and men, and ask yourself, is this right?

    Its 2010, they still killing ppl, keeping them in designated locations, what is going on today? its like man kind doesnt have a past, like this is the first time its happening, like history never happened (Stalin Hitler). there is no justification for murder. No matter what land or resource is at stake.

    The pain is gonna hit and the wrong will be punished.