Okay, so maybe there’s some hostility towards Jews at university campuses across Canada, and maybe “Israel Apartheid Week” is spreading like a cancer through those cold provinces, and maybe Canada has let in half of the Muslim Middle East as immigrants over the past twenty years so that in a short time the Muslim population of Toronto alone is larger than Canada’s entire Jewish population. Maybe.

But, those Canadians are showing the kind of moral fiber that not many others are willing to show. For this we have the Harper government to thank.

For instance, Durban II is coming up and until recently Israel was on the menu as the sole dish for the international community to devour. But Canada has steadfastly refused to attend. Even when the US sent a trial balloon by sending over a delegation from the State Dept., the Canadians did not budge from their boycott. That’s courageous and highly ethical!

What else is great about Canada, other than its entire West Coast? Those Canucks gave the world basketball!

And the telephone!

And Irwin Cotler! The man is Jewlicious great. One of the world’s leading authorities on international law and a former Minister of Justice for those amazing Canadians, he makes Alan Dershowitz wish he were Canadian too.

You know who else? Alanis Morissette and Second City are Canadian. So is NEIL YOUNG! And Bruce Cockburn! And the Barenaked Ladies.

That’s right, Canada produced the Barenaked Ladies!

Well, even so, today Canada outdid itself.

Yes, today, Canada’s judiciary agreed with its politicians that terrorist sympathizers are unwelcome and may not come to this lovely land.

A judge declined Monday to overturn a Canadian government ruling that bans an outspoken anti-Israel British lawmaker from entering the country.

Canada banned George Galloway on national security grounds earlier in March, saying he provided money to Hamas, which is considered a terrorist organization in Canada.

Earlier in March, Galloway was awarded an honorary Palestinian passport in a secret meeting with the Hamas prime minister. Ismail Haniyeh’s office released a photo of the two men embracing.

A spokesman for Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney said that Canadian border officials made the decision on grounds Galloway was a national security threat. Spokesman Alykhan Velshi said the government declined to overturn the decision because of Galloway’s financial support for Hamas.

In a letter to Galloway, the government said the lawmaker delivered humanitarian goods to war-torn Gaza and gave US$45,000 to Hamas.

Martineau said in a written ruling that he’s not willing to exempt Galloway from Canada’s Immigrations laws.

That’s right, Canada is not only a land of beautiful women (and men, but who cares), but in Canada, if you hug a terrorist, you are out on your ass because that’s just like, uh, sorta like, um, ah, hmmm, I know! It’s like lying in bed with a murderer and smiling for the photo op “Oh Ismayil, you launch such beautiful rockets.” “Why thank you George, and your soft beard gives me great pleasure as well.”

Those Canadians won’t put up with that sort of crap. Uh uh. Not in Alberta, or Nova Scotia. Not in Banff or Vancouver Island. Not in Algonquin Park and not in Niagara Falls. That’s right, nowhere in Canada, not even in Quebec, will they let terrorist huggers in to give lectures to people lest those folks also become terrorist huggers.

Actually, it’s not even because of that. It’s just BECA– USE.

Here are some Barenaked Ladies. Dance along kids!

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  • Thanks to ‘themiddle’ for the complimentary (if slightly patronizing) ode to Canada. On behalf of ‘my people’ we accept your accolades.

    Just to let you know, the Jewish Students association at the University of Calgary has carved an amazingly civilized relationship with the Muslim Students association that is based on genuine affection and respect. It’s a unique example of students wanting peace and the mature adults in the Great White North (and even further south) could take a lesson from them.

    Living in (generally) small Jewish populations means that we don’t get to take our Judaism for granted. We’re in a constant state of educating those around us and acting as ambassadors for Judaism and Israel all the time.

    Stephen Harper wisely set up his office and riding in South West Calgary which is where the bulk of the affiliated Jewish population of Alberta lives. It’s not an accident, or ‘just because’, that Harper has gone to the wall to make this properly ethical decision.

    So come up and visit sometime – we have maple syrup, too, eh?

  • Cheered by Middle’s post, thousands of Canadian Jews have crossed back over the border from North Dakota.

  • Middle im shocked you forgot Alan Thicke.Where would we be without Growing Pains.

  • Ikypoo, how can I respond fairly to a charge of being slightly patronizing without being patronizing when your username is Ikypoo? Not that I don’t love your username. In fact, it’s now one of the things I love about Canada.

    And I’m glad to hear that your group is getting along with the MSA. I don’t mean to suggest that every campus in Canada or the US has a war going on. There are some places where everybody gets along and they should and will hopefully be setting an example to other universities.

  • Thank you, we, proud Canadians, appreciate that! 🙂 Canada has always been a country for imigrants, it’s part of our “tradition”. First Europeans, later Asians, now Muslims – and we are still here. So hope we will remain the calm, safe country.
    Take care

  • Of course you will remain a calm safe country. Just take a look at this discussion and your and Ikypoo’s calm, measured, polite, Canadian responses and compare to other responses all over the site. It brings a tear to my eye and makes me want to move to Canada tomorrow.

    Now I just have to figure out whether I can afford the real estate in Vancouver. 😥

  • Well first you got to ask yourself can i afford Seattle real estate.I could be wrong but what i heard is seattle is Vancouvers’s sister city.The median home price as of Jan 2009 was $386,900 for a home and $249,700 for a one bedroom condo.Yes i need a life :}

    The average price of a home in British Columbia is forecast to drop 13 per cent to $396,600 in 2009, according to the B.C. Real Estate Association.

    “The global financial crisis and worldwide recession will continue to take their toll on the B.C. economy this year,” said Cameron Muir, the association’s chief economist.

    “World events have pulled Canada and B.C. into a recession, where concern for job security and declining net worth are keeping many potential homebuyers on the sidelines.”

    The overall residential benchmark price of a typical home in Greater Vancouver declined 10.9 per cent to $489,007 between January 2008 and 2009, the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver reported on Tuesday.

    In Greater Vancouver, sales of detached, attached and apartment properties declined 58.1 per cent in January 2009 to 762, down from the 1,819 sales the same year-before month.

    With prices falling, the number of homes for sale in Greater Vancouver was also declining. New listings also were down 20.9 per cent to 3,700 in January 2009 compared to the same month in 2008, when 4,675 new units were listed.

    The good news is 2010 is officially forecast to be a year of stabilization in the economy and the housing market, and Muir predicted home prices in the province would be relatively stable.


  • “Okay, so maybe there’s some hostility towards Jews at university campuses across Canada, and maybe “Israel Apartheid Week” is spreading like a cancer through those cold provinces, and maybe Canada has let in half of the Muslim Middle East as immigrants over the past twenty years so that in a short time the Muslim population of Toronto alone is larger than Canada’s entire Jewish population. Maybe.”

    I was with you right through the first two points, but seriously – we’ve let in too many Muslim immigrants? And now there are more Muslims than Jews? Tut, tut, Canada, we should let the Jews in, but not the Muslims. I seem to recall similar arguments being heard about Jewish immigration once upon a time. But you know, knee-jerk reverse discrimination has been so effective in the past, that why mess with a good thing?

    Shame on you, Jewlicious.

  • Yes, shame on us. Except that sadly, I didn’t say anything negative about the Muslim population that has emigrated to Canada although parts of this influx are what brought with it much of what we’ve seen at Concordia, at York University, at University of Toronto and many other campuses. Sorry you’re offended, but actually I’m more offended that Jewish students can’t walk around York University without feeling safe.

    And I don’t for a minute intend to mean that this is happening across the Canadian Muslim universe. We’ve covered the attempt to have Ontario institute Sha’aria law and one of the things we learned and covered is that there were many Muslim groups that were outspoken and vociferous about preventing that law from coming into being. it is pretty hard to deny, however, that the connection to what is happening to Jewish students across Canada is linked to the influx of Muslim students. As someone mentioned here, there may be campuses where the groups get along, but sadly, there are many campuses where all hell has broken loose.