Y-Net reports that the Kentucky Fried Chicken chain has taken steps to make all KFC restaurants in Israel Kosher by replacing their milk-powder chicken coating with an identical kosher soy-powder coating. The chain is planning on opening three more branches in Israel and an unspecified number of branches wherever Kosher Jews congregate in large numbers – probably the Upper West Side, Pico Robertson and New Jersey. But whatever, as far as Israel goes, this news is bad news for Israel’s uh… growing obesity crisis – one need only look at the fat, cholesterol and sodium content found in the crap KFC tries to pass off as food. I mean really! Do we really need a 790 calorie chicken sandwich with 11 grams of fat?

I know folks are all excited and whatnot, but really. Who is going to protect the delicate waistlines of the lithe and attractive Israeli men and women whose beauty represents a large part of Israel’s international Hasbarah efforts? Why is this being treated like the second coming when in fact it represents nothing less than an all out assault on one of Israel’s greatest natural uh… assets. For shame KFC. For shame.

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